Had dinner with En at watami. Great food n talk. It’s strange we met few times a year, she could understand me very well. It’s really a secure and relax feeling after meeting her.

1. I prefer to have a plan for the day and things upcoming in a week or month. Make sure things go well if play by the ear. Else, how about I handle that instead?

2. I prefer to know each other’s arrangement even we don’t meet up for days or weeks. That’s the way I feel connected but not dominant or control.

3. 以自己舒服的姿态和他相处 不要为难自己

4. I will set a deadline, in months. If you cant make a decision, I will.

5. I’ve played hard since my secondary school, so there are principles that certain guys I don touch, certain things I don do. Casual sex n drunk after clubbing are not my way. When I feel like going, is because I enjoy dancing n the music. Im not interested in those stuff n small bitching tricks, I will respect more if someone makes a million on his/her own, n I will learn from that person.

Thanks En. I always learn something from you. 🙂


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