540 move on

The new job scope is quite fun and challenging. Moving on to information security role. Especially after today’s meeting with kp.

Four of us were trying very hard to convince the ppl across the table. Hahaha…

After taking mba, I’ve found out my new interest is about ppl, convincing, influencing and persuading ppl. Even challenging them to know each other better.

Hmm, needs to improve my reasoning n logic ability, so that able to link up 5 documents together that each is about 100 pages policy, as well as improve my language proficiency…orh my poor english… :p

Apparently, after one month break, Im already 精力过剩 omg… so maybe it’s time for the new sem to start!!! 😀

After finding out the positioning n distance, feel been rejected but again maybe that’s alright. So I go back to my castle and continue building my walls and barriers, as per normal.

Moving on to some new directions. Somehow 觉得有些遗憾 可是… 就这样吧 hahaha… it’s out of my control so just move on.

Find peace and stay your single life, everything will fall into place. Things will get better n better. 🙂


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