536 Labor Day


Wednesday, we went to watch avengers 2, E gave 4 stars to it. There was this China family, the kid kept talking during the entire show, I was fed up and wanted turn to the parent and make a suggestion. E held me back and whispered, “He’s just a kid right, what if you talk to him and he will have a nightmare tonight?”

He has better understanding over things and great patience.
Somehow, I fear of his great patience.


Labor day, we went to House at Dempsey hill. It was a last minute decision, and RT worked for business closing till 9pm on thursday night, well I was searching online as she wanted to have hotel buffet, eventually I made a reservation for brunch.

Beautiful and peaceful place, two of us, both are a bit under the weather, but happy to have each other after the stupid semester 2. She’s been so kind and send me home after late night classes, so I would like to treat her well. Finally I could tell her about my story briefly as I trust her sense. And unexpected we share more in common. When people are vulnerable, we get closer to each other.

RT is a very determined, strong, optimistic and motivated cancer (horoscope sign). She’s in sales line and rationally gave me suggestions about relationship and career (come and try out sales! hahaha…), and of course we talked about the MBA and upcoming thesis.

I feel so blessed by knowing her. 🙂


Saturday, woke up 9.30am and wanted to watch a show, turned up in theatre 10.40am. The age of adaline.

The uncommunicable, untouchable but relatively strong emotions are flowing within, then some movie sciences could instantly hit you and you feel so close and been understandable, and just let the tears streaming down in dark theatre.

Adaline holds back so many memories and emotions, and she stays alone and keeps running from true love because she has fear to lose. I could feel that too. As I told RT, if there’s no expectation, there’s no false hope and you won’t feel disappointed.


I think we share a lots in common, we are sensitive, cautious, sweet, introverted, understanding, gentle but not innocent, wise and mature, tough on ourselves, good secret keepers, have hidden strength, most addictive personality, deal with depression privately,

But again, we cannot communicate beyond sex. and we tend to build up walls at times.


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