535 Any Difference

We didn’t plan it, well I met En at BS library cafe after a late stay at work and a quick dinner, short catch up before she departing to Bali on Thur?? Or she just returned from there? Anyway she is going to Bangkok coming June. Alone. And then Oct she’s going to Japan. Omg… look at my poor life, hahaha…

Alright. Will I ever graduate from the stupid MBA???? hahaha… Then again will I get bored after that, because I have no reason to meet up interesting people again??? hmmm… Why would an introvert would look forward to meet interesting people and start some small talks??? Is my extrovert part coming back???

Yeah, that kind of feeling is like… you just think you fall for a person and you are in love (OMG, you miss him so much), even you share this with your besties, then soon, you can’t feel it any more, and re-think what makes a difference??? Any difference?? hahaha…

Anyway London, November I’m coming!! What would be the mission other than go for the workshop thing? Hmm…

Thanks Ms. Zhang, I literately inherited the best traits from you: optimistic, confident and unsettled.

Orh, Su..shall we go for some dance and clubbing before the stupid Sem 3 starts??? hahaha…


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