534 Spontaneous

E came over last night.

We suppose to go to the Line at Shangri la, but unfortunately I’m still coughing (not so seriously though), then he decided well “I’m not that hungry, we will cancel it and have other things”. Then I cancelled it, then he saw my request to the line to arrange something for his upcoming birthday. Omg, just at a glance he saw it. He is so observant and that’s scary…

Then around 5.40pm, he wanted to bring me to Kallang leisure park having steamboat, walk along the river and watch avengers 2. But there’s only row 2 seats left, the whole Singapore must be watching the show. Anyway we are just spontaneous kids that good at come out with last min ideas..hahaha…

Yeah, staying a solitude life definitely increase your way of doing things more spontaneously. Earlier in the afternoon about 3pm, I was out and walking around the J8, E said where will you be, I will go and find you. Hmm… I was trying out a shorts at Paul Frank at that moment, I think he just awoke, then it was really a question as I’m not sure where I will be by 4.30pm if I staying outside. Hmm, so I bought groceries and chicken and decided to go back and make Black chicken and shiquan herb soup, my body needs that.

On my way home, it was around 4pm, it started to rain heavily, and he doesn’t have an umbrella, he said would take a cab in (but is actually just a 5 mins walk), so I showered and quickly took the umbrella to meet him. Then as usual, the stupid rain stopped just in few minutes, hahaha… then these two people met at the basketball court there… hahaha…

Anyway we went to A1 at J8 for dinner, as he mentioned I need to have porridge and he had something else, tomyum soup which I can’t even touch it. hahaha… At that point of time, I was thinking that perhaps I need a guy like him who would regulate my life to do the right things at right time.

Surprisingly, this is the 5th time we met (?? if the Christmas till CNY period doesn’t count), he started to naturally holding me while walking around in the public at bishan area…and my dear neighbourhood shopkeepers soon will be curious about that. hahaha… though I thought he is that kind of guy who will keep a decent distance with his girl in public, ended up I was so wrong… hahaha…

Then we tried something new, which is his favourite and which did overwhelming me. O.M.G.

Hmm, then during dinner, he told me his idea of perhaps staying till 50yrs old will be long enough as after that illness will start to come in. I sense his pessimism. I could understand because our parent are ageing and we are busy with work from Mon to Thur, and the only Friday to meet up friends and enjoy ourselves, then spend a Sat night with someone you like then perhaps leave the Sunday to yourself but will then in some loneliness and the sunday blueness kick-in soon the Monday comes. And without the loved ones, it is just a routine of life. So I think I would tell E that:

One day we will meet someone that we really love to see everyday when we wake up, someone that we start to think of who instantly light up our routine life and make us smile, then we would like to share more with this person about our life and dreams, and take care each other mentally, spiritually and physically. That person will calm you down, give you strength, help you to find the directions.

Life is short, embracing the uncertainties and we will meet such a person in life. So 50 years is definitely not enough to share the joy and experience more together. We will meet someone that holding our hands in 70s while walking along the beach. 🙂

The loved ones make our routine life different, so we have more to look forward to, to work for and to celebrate with. 🙂


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