523 The Game

If M is able to confirm my question by tmr morning, I should be able to tell who is the visitor read 189 posts of mine on 14 Mar, 34 posts on 21 Mar, and 96 posts on 22 Mar.
It is getting interesting to match every single threats he left simply based on the stats shows what he had viewed. Match against the timing of other things, msg, FB and actual activities etc.
Dictator might not be the word to describe this person, but it is kind of creepy feeling.

I think I know who he is. Because:
– Too many hints been given over the conversations, that I could recall. Some were literately sarcastic I wasn’t even aware at that point of time!
– This person can read both English and Chinese. So people who are English educated are exempted.

Alright, let’s play the game in another way, I allow you to read my past, so save my explanation and nothing to hide. Maybe some general info will be given here.
R-info and C-info will be given in another place which is impossible for you to locate I believe.
Tell me, why are you curious about me? Why?


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