519 Human Behavior Analysis – Leo

I’ve been known this leo for years since took up last program, we fell in a relationship fast, as he dared to put his lips on mine when we watched the 2nd show. I wasn’t really convinced as I foresee the differences but his perseverance changed my mind, we were been together for quite some happy days, most of the time we met, we were talking about theories and books and all sort of things he likes. It was so fast that I’ve been invited to join him, perhaps he didn’t even think about it, or the impact.

To me, self-esteem doesn’t conflict with relationship, no matter it is lovers or friends, unfortunately somehow I’m gifted that too smart, and I don’t know how to hide it, as the final results and presentation we gave somehow mine turns out to be better.

Then I realize, he needs someone to listen to his dream, his achievement, his concept and talks, and admire him, and when I somehow overtaken him in many certain ways, he withdraw.

It’s bitter, until I figured it out that he might just needs a listener, or a fan. And too bad, he has already taken me as a competitor and he left to find other listeners. Worse, there is a common place that we could meet regularly, at least for a period of time.

I really fell for him. And should I still be friends with him? I want to graduate now…
Universe, pls lead me the way!


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