518 LTC2 and End of Something

Coming to the end of LTC2, and simultaneously couple of things are coming to the ends.
Was it me or something is wrong? What the hell why I cannot concentrating on doing my things happily and keeps think about one person? Thanks very much universe, when I’m in doubt, again and again you show me the answer, in this case, is from Mr.FY, our dear lecturer, a 48 years single Singaporean who told me even my pa did not tell to broke the myth.

– “What guys want?” – “Super easy, just let them Win, and praise them. Make them feel good.”

– “What if the person refuse to talk about it and there is no proper closure?” – “End a relationship without a proper closure could be very bitter to the party who will keep questioning him/herself for a long time.But if there is no response, then it is too bad, you have to move on.”

Then to this point RT mentioned, it is okay, after awhile you will get used to it… Why I’m not an interpretivist, then I will be able to let go easily and stay a happy life. Instead a Radical Structuralist dislike a person first, then she realize actually they are not bad and fall in love with them…and very persistent to make sure the person feel it at times…till they want to get rid of you… so what are the functionalists? they fall in love with you fast, then over the time they realize, oh no, you are not the one…so what? let’s end this…quietly…so we don’t hurt anyone…

Yes man, that’s exactly what I’m going through now, and I so damn hate it especially you are asking the other party to explain and discuss so as to solve the problem and carry on the relationship again, even as a friend, he doesn’t even bother response to you.

Alright, so guys like big boobs, and sexy ass,who like to pamper them, therefore they cannot get rid of the mum!! Isn’t that true?

Well, the author still doubts she has split personality, and she cannot really get alone with herself in the 4 room flat at the central of the town. May need to see a psychologist, or should I go for some psychology course to learn more.

To the person, I will take as we have to focus on what we need to do now, as guys are so damn rational, and can be fully devoted to a stupid thing and since he doesn’t really care about you. No matter how good he is, how much he used to like you or love. Must bite the bullet and move on. Dear universe, is it because I’m not qualified enough therefore you don’t let me meet him?

If it works out, it works out, if not, f**k the friendship. Keep quite and mind your own business. (because they already told you verbally and using behavior that, focus on your study now, what else do you want??)

I’m getting exhausted… and I’m going to give the credit back to Mr.FY will be, submit a quality LTC2 assignment, using the way of Radical Structuralist. I will not compromise. Interpretivist is not me.


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