517 Available

Half day, I was there not been interrupted while concentrating on my stuff, felt terrific. Stayed back for an hour, cleared some backlogs.

Back to a quiet life. Work, study, read and write a lot.

She picked up a book and went to the lake, naked swimming and back to the beach, lay down and read her book under the shade of trees.

She is coming back in March, I haven’t got a chance to meet her and the camel in the middle east country. I miss her so much!!

We stay alive because our dreams, we make them happen using our hands.

He stops contacting me, so do I, ever since last met up at GW, wasn’t a pleasant dinner.

He starts to contact me, though we’ve been known each other for quite a while officially, intermittently.

Hey, there, what’s next for me? Feeling relevant and connected? 🙂


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