515 Joie de vivre

They said, it is impossible to achieve that. Till I made it happen.

He said, we’ve put in so much effort you know…blah blah blah…with his typical proud look. Till my Bsc GPA turned out to be higher than his.

Of course, this time he says again, as usual, “No no no, you don’t have to do this and that.” While I used to be so enthusiastic and share what I’ve done. Till I realized, competitive ppl will not take it as your kindly ‘share and care’, instead, your work stressed him up, and he said “I can’t understand what you are referring to”. Most of the time, he knows what he wants to write about or need to do, at least, it seems he knows.

It took me long time to realize, it is not because I’m lousy, it is simply because, some ppl cannot accept others are better than them. No matter how close the relationship between you and them.

They need listeners, and would like to be admired. To get along with such ppl for long term, you better behave like one.

So I would simply keep quiet, plan my days and move on to my goals, and talk to the ones who can really appreciate me and help me.

In my life, I only compete against myself. As any external parties do not worth my effort and energy to go against them. Instead, I learn from my oppositions and my friends. I respect smart ppl and whoever edge over me in some perspectives.

I don’t claim things with big words, I show you with actions and results. I will nail it down, and move on to the next one.


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