514 Connected to yourself

She changed her profile photo to big, white, blossom flowers, he asked “Huh? Frozen flowers?” She replied “Fresh n pretty creatures doesn’t make a sound.”

They’ve been quarrelling for weeks and couldn’t even communicate, no common topics, been jealous and competitive to each other. She’s been sick for a months, bad cough n fever, she doesn’t make a sound.

But every morning he still sent her msgs, then after 8.45pm, conversation ends till the next morning.  She missed him so much, she dressed up to office, but she doesn’t make a sound.

She saw his “Good morning. :-).”, her tears ran down n just replied “Good morning. :)”.

She had a dream, that been invited by him to his family. A warm and sweet family dinner. She looked at his smiling face, she was sitting there but couldn’t fit herself with the right position or distance.

She woke up in darkness, and realised, if you really like/love a person, you should let him go, to do whatever things he needs or loves to do, you encourage and motivate him, comfort him and embrace him. Let him do what He Needs to do, give him what He Needs to have, instead of giving him what you like. Is that called ‘mature relationship’ based on Maslow’s Needs theory?

Allow him to have his own time. Until you two become strangers.

Especially, when both parties are financially independent, technically there is no responsibility to share anything, so there is no difference between being in a relationship or being single.

So she starts to let go and withdraw, stop replying his msgs, even turn him down. Instead, she focus on her own business, her dreams and explore more, from where her internal strength start to build up, she clearly felt this emotional transition and control is also helpful to her work.

She reduces the effort input to relationship and emotion, and try to stay alone without relying on anyone.
Finally, it seems her simple and contented life turning to a new chapter. And this should apply to her future relationships.

Life is simple, don’t complicate it.


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