510 Stay True

It is raining heavily. 8.30pm, Saturday. Home alone.

After taking the stupid vaccination on Friday, or is it because I’ve been busy for months, or I worked in the afternoon again. Or due to the long msg I sent over to someone for a transformational decision that to be made.

Eventually, I’m having fever and cough.

Alright, few things to take note:

1. No one can shake your believe, you are successful and positive till today, is all thanks to what your believe and always perform. Don’t change your values because of someone easily.

2. Manage the relationship between you and someone, especially he or she is important to you. It’s not right for the person to hurt you repeatedly. No matter for whatever reasons. Manage or end a toxic relationship if it is required. Stop hurting each other. You have to move on.

3. In a gentle way, you could shake the world. You don’t have to argue or scold any one to make things happen. Make yourself clear, try to help, let them consider. Sometimes, you have to let people go. Or instead you retreat.

4. Give yourself priority. Always. Ask yourself what do you need actually?

5. The cruelest way is not hate, but neglect or forget the person.

6. We all manage things differently, pls don’t take things personal.

7. Manage your emotion, calm, focus on the right things to do.


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