507 Good Day

O told her that he would go to Little India to witness the lighting up during the Deepavali today (And he did go to Geylang during Hari Raya). Well, in her 13 years life in SG, she never attended any event like this.

Slept till 11am, woke up alone in the cloudy morning, breezing. No msg from any one. She’s been forgotten by the world.

Is he doing assignment with his friend? Turned out to be he finished Javelin training since early morning. And she saw the half steamed chicken he had as brunch, omg… She’s been silly again…

“It would be nice, if you were here joining me. :)”
“I feel happy for you when you enjoy what you want to do, even without me. :)”

Then… his thoughtful “scrubbing service”, She likes the orange fragrance of the combination of his shower gel and essential oil. He mixed them together to have best of both worlds. So clever! And she was listening to the soothing music played by his iPad. Lying down with his bean bag pillow under her head. Enjoy the scrubbing from her fingers to toes. He gave her the bean bag and shower gel after the scrubbing session.

Then they debated for the LTC assignment, flow and structure, the psychometric testing, and some work stuff. Conclusion – they can’t please everybody, they are not pleasers. The fried beehoon he bought was quite tasty, went well with her dragon fruits n avocado. When he seriously corrected her English(again), she just pinched him on his stomach. She was so happy to receive the certificate, he teased her to advertise it on buses n train, she fought back by tickling him till he couldn’t continue saying more.

He told her his observing in the poorer estate, the lower class people and their life, how they treat their children and parents badly; How he feel like to share less in class or public, as we know people because they like us in person, not in what we do as a job or position, he could know his training kakis for years without knowing what they do; He respect people not because their social status but for their values and behaviours; His plan for next 10 years for personal life, training and work.

Then he drove down to YMCA at Steven Road, they had beef hor fun, seafood crispy noodle and fish tofu soup. She likes the simple, quiet and clean place. He played his favourite songs to her, “I’m gonna be your DJ now”, and patiently waited for her to finish them one after another.

She is becoming a replica of him. The taste, the thinking, the life style. He trained her up to the standard slowly. She tries to observe, digest n play the woman with him. She tries to be a better,  decent n real young lady.

She is a little gift to him. He is just gonna spoil her badly.



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