506 Official Complain

This is an official complain. It will not be heard, though I so would like to tell you. I don’t intent to inform you. You will understand this slowly.

I wonder why I’ve became so careless? Possibly it is because too many things on my mind. Too many.

To someone who always picks on my English, I would stop communicating with you, and if I would devote my time to do more readings or doing thesis on MBA, that is my decision. Do you know my parents have stopped telling me how to live my life. So every time I made a mistake over the conversation or message, and if you really think it matters, stop talking to me and stick to your friend. The only precious friend that you always have. She suits you, and you two are on the same page, perfect.

Btw, I don’t really give a damn to you and your friend.

You are not high-up there. You will never be. Do you know it is quite obvious you lack of confidence while speaking in class and way to stubborn? You are messy and self-centered, you are not very smart, but have I ever reminded you anything on those points?

We all know, everyone has strengths and weaknesses, we are very sure about ourselves. it is really tiring to talk to someone who keeps comparing my weakness to his strength. Yet, I have to admit, oh yeah, I need to improve and improve, you are doing much better than me (or perhaps I should act in that way to entertain you). You are not my god father, not my boy friend, even now so difficult to just stay as a friend.

Sure, you don’t really have to concern about my feelings, but since we are both busy from work, study and personal life, sleep deprivation, projects and assignment over due, it is better that we stop irritating each other more or wasting more time on this. Frankly, nowadays every time even messaging you makes me feel nervous, be laughed at, self-doubt and easily get moody. I am a professional and quite person at work, gentle and reasonable, so there is no way that I cannot get along with people very well.

Chill. I will still attend the class as usual, lie low and speak gently, and I decide not to share my thoughts with you. Cause it makes things more complicated. And seriously, now you make me think it is very pathetic that my English level can only greeting you with Good Morning, and Good Night on a daily basis. So, just let us save it! I will talk to you again when I feel better. That day may or may not come. It is always feel better to talk to someone who makes you feel good and motivated. Lolx.

Alright, in the end, I still tell you a bit about this. I’m not professional enough.


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