504 Hi


If I copy n paste this word for 100 times which could makes me sleep, i will do that. But no, i know it is my own problem. Only I can get myself out. Scientifically, better to get some methods or drink some warm milk Or Chinese herbs soup without side effect.

Damn it. He slept soundly. Shall I go get some late night running??!!

Break up. And carry on. That seems to be the only way now. I have heard too much from too many people. Mum, dad, T, ruru, carol. Almost all analysis are pointing to him. End up, I lost trust to this guy who I married for 5 years and been together for 8 years. Not only to him, it creates the phobia to all the males and people’s evil minds.

Dear gods and universe,

Please grant me tight sleep without dreams every night. If we (him and I) meant to be separated in this life, let it come soon, in a peaceful and rational manner without tears and hurts. As we’ve had it enough. Please grant me the courage to live on properly and make my love continues till meet the right one. I do understand, it was my fault who did not make effort to establish good relationship with you and yet now at the difficult time of my life, bothering u with my broken English. Please bless my dear parent, mum and dad. Bless all of us carry on with beliefs and live a life positively and happily.

I sincerely wish you a happy day and/or night ahead as well. 🙂





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  1. ben435 2013-11-12 at 08:56


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