503 Everything that kills me makes feel alive.

6.30am, woke up and stared at your naked body, raining.
7am, decided to practice yoga, naked in dining room. With Cafe Del Mar from mobile. Encountered a bit prob while doing shoulder stand…
Shall practice more, enhance body flexibility, facilitate in achieving more postures of MBs. Yeah…after days of resting, want more now… lolx

8am, msg from T who was going to office and prepared for presentation at 9.30am.

9am, showered, was queuing at bank counter for issuing a cashier’s order, for later of the day’s car payment.
While, that’s the time I saw her again, in the uniform, walked out from the room and signed on the order with her name Yvonne T.I met her on the way to office, and back from work, she walked to the station when I walk back home. And I knew she’s working in this branch. Hoped she’s not on duty today, ended up, I got her name, and she got mine, and my account balance… That’s not fair and a bit awkward way of knowing each other. I will still saying Hello to her when meeting her on the way, in my heart only. 🙂

(Off the light, in bed)
– Did you apply the herbal toner again?
– Yup. Shall I put on some perfume? Just 1 second. – No, it’s okay. (Kissing)
– Dear, after 10 years, kissing you is like kissing myself… do you feel so? Do you still feel me and want me badly? like before?
– …… Yes. I want you… but time changes of course…(Kissing)
– Where is the passion… how… we will be together for another 20, 30 years…
– Shall we have a baby?
– No…then we will divert remaining passion to baby… instead of each other… Ohh, it’s getting big and hard..
– Yes. Come, let me in. 🙂

Waked up and stared at your naked body, neck, back, hip, leg…
You are still the best in bed, my young boy.  🙂


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