451 Manjula Singapore

It has been more than 3 months that since my last post. Anyway let me catch the 10 mins before going to bed.

Last week of Oct 2011, I went back to Dalian and stayed with parents for 8 days, the unforgettable days in the cozy city full of pleasure, I love you! Mum & Dad!

Back to SG, work as usual, then we got the Approval in Principle for our citizenship application, wow, finally after loooong wait since 15 May. We finished the e-learning course on-line, joined the community sharing session to meet the grassroots, and today we just completed the SG Experiential Tour. Visited The National Museum of Singapore to understand the history of this tiny little city country, and followed by exploring the future of Singapore hold by Urban Redevelopment Authority. Last but not least, the Parliament of Singapore located next to Boat Quay, aka civic area for administration since British colony ages.  Sitting at lvl 2 of the new Parliament and looking through the glass to view the chamber, though without the cabinet members. 🙂 Wonderful experience, though is not as democracy as western countries but much better than where we were from.

It is a big step that we’ve made, and yes, we will march together with the tiny little country, Manjula Singapore!!


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