Fitness and Balance Life.

昨天在MRT上说到健身。在网上做了搜索。以下均为新加坡较出名Fitness Club.
1. Fitness First. (New Club openned, promotion before 15th May,well-branded)
2. Fitness-Plus.(Changi Business Park)
3. Planet Fitness.(Townarea)
4. California Fitness.(Bugis, Orchard)
4. Safra Singapore.(Tampines)
To be updated.
Theme: Eating and Drinking
Address: 50, Tanjong Rhu Lane
Phone: (65)63448302
How to go there.
Meet at Tanjong Pagar MRT->Alight at Kallang MRT->Take Cab->Singapore Indoor Stadium. 

3 responses to “Fitness and Balance Life.

  1. Wayne 2006-05-09 at 02:57

    大彪子 我来啦~~

  2. 大新 2006-05-10 at 05:46


  3. Vivien 2006-05-10 at 09:14

    TO 大新: 因为我实在看不下去了。觉得你太可怜。决定帮帮你。
    TO Doggie: 你真是三天不打上房揭瓦呀。

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